Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Devyn!

I had a hard time finding a picture of just Devyn alone. Whenever I take pictures of her she is with her beautiful children. I am thankful everyday of my life for Devyn. She brings me JOY and HAPPINESS. She is such a great EXAMPLE of a daughter, friend, wife and mother. She TEACHES me more than I probably ever taught her. Thank you Devyn for everything. I LOVE you so much! Hope you have a GREAT day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Abby, Art Project and Zoo Lights...

This is such a sweet picture of Doug and Abby. As you can see Doug just loves his new granddaughter.

So Devyn and Shannon had so much fun making making art projects of their kids hands and feet. And I thought they turned out so cute. Well, yesterday when I was napping, Cortney and Jed ran into the room with a surprise for me. I love it. It made me smile from ear to ear. What do you think of it Shannon? Can you guess which one is Jed's.

Friday night we went to Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo. They had over a million lights made into animals. I love how the lights go all crazy with the camera in the night. It's cool.

This is Devyn and Cortney while we are waiting for the boys who are looking at the snakes!This is what you see when you look through the fun glasses that we bought. All the lights look like snowmen.

This is Cortney and Jed with their cool glasses on. They love snowmen!

This is the Zoofart Express? I guess that is what gets it going in the cold weather? We had a great time and love being together~!

Monday, November 10, 2008

PBR Finals in Vegas!

Last week we headed down south to go to the PBR finals in Vegas and on the way we stayed in St. George for a few days to see some of the attractions there before heading onto Vegas. This was the sunset as we drove into town, it was beautiful!

We went with our good friends the Reefs and had such a great time.

One day we went to Snow Canyon and enjoyed the beautiful red rocks and I happened upon a bee who was excited to have his picture taken.

This day we went to Zion Canyon, which never disappoints! The fall colors were very pretty.

One day we had the opportunity to go the St. George Temple. It was of course beautiful, and it was nice to be in such a peaceful place.

Next, we headed onto Vegas for the PBR finals. We went to round 5 and 6 and headed home Sunday. This is our third year going and we love it. I couldn't take my camera into the finals so I stole some highlights off of We had a blast and already have tickets for next year. The following video was worth $25,000.00 for his 8 seconds, not too bad.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Wrapped in Support" needs your help!

I wanted to give a shout out to any of you who are willing to help. Please go to They have a goal of making 400 blankets for each of the soldier of 3-1 Aviation returning home after serving 15 months in the War Zone. They only have 213 that have been received up to date. They only have nine days left and if you could help and just make one blanket it would help so much. All of the information is on her blog and the directions are all the way at the bottom. This is just one way that we can thank the men and women who have done so much to serve our country.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Titan Homecoming...

Yesterday was homecoming for Syracuse High, Cortney of course being on the drill team got to be in the parade and this is their float. Cortney is standing in front with her friend Darian. They are so cute!
Cortney and Darian were a little scared to climb on the fire truck at first so they opted to ride in the ambulance to the start of the parade! They are so funny.
This is a pose of them at the beginning of their dance at the pep assemble, Cort is the blonde in the white shirt towards the left. I love to watch Cortney dance, she is such a beautiful dancer.
This is the flag ceremony before the football game, Cort holds the state flag at every game, she did this last year and this year.

This was Jed's first time to play in the band at a game, it was GREAT to have the band there, they help with the home team making a lot of noise and they also played the entire game. Thanks Jed and band for keeping the game so up beat!
This is a picture of the drill team doing their kick line routine, let me just tell you that it was awesome. I didn't get a video, I wish I would of. They nailed everything.
And of course the end of the game, Syracuse won which is awesome, last year being a new school they didn't win one game, this year they have won all but one. The announcer said that no one would be allowed on the field, the kids were so excited that the police finally said, oh go ahead! It was a fun day with Cortney and Jed.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Anyone who has ever tasted Doug's chocolate chip cookies knows how wonderful they are. For over ten years he has been making them every Sunday. I know that it is Devyn's favorite day because she gets to have COOKIES! She almost refuses to go home until she gets some hot cookies and milk. Doug used to let our kids sit on the counter and help him, now they are kind of big and so now the tradition is being passed on to our cute grandson. Does life ever get any better than just being together and making such sweet memories?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My little ones...

Jaxon is getting so big and loves to do everything he can. I showed him my chair that gives massages and he thinks it is so fun to sit there and get him back rubbed. He is so much fun. I just love him to death!

I just love my new granddaughter, Abby, she is so sweet and such a good baby. I feel so blessed to have a new little one in my life.
I just want to kiss her and snuggle with her all day long, isn't that what grandma's are for?